Saturday, 16 June 2012

So many shades of red.

This girl, she was not the usual kind, she never really was. 'Mary' is what they called here, 'Jane' is what she called herself. I prefer to call her Jane, because it's what suits her best. She is right on that part. Jane wanted to paint her hair in a different color. To get rid of the grayish tone in her hair, the grayish blond shade. It made her feel like someone she was not. This wasn't her way of living, her way of coping with life. One day she decided to walk, just walk, nothing special. The trees passed her by.. that's what it felt like, at least. Of course they didn't in reality, but Jane was living in such a reverse, it seemed as though everything was moving in the opposite direction. Green was not the color for her, too nature freakish, too greenish. It didn't convey the right message, the message of Freedom and Willpower. The trees never stopped passing by her until they did, and they did in the blink of an eye. Suddenly they were gone and replaced by buildings; houses of all sorts and shapes. Some painted in crimson, others with plain brick walls, and then others painted in a nice modern white. Breathing out sophisticated air. And there she ended her journey. The shop was standing in its upright position, facing her way. Tall and full of challenges. Five minutes later she had a hair product in her pale white hands; "Red Copper" it said. And so the decision was made and there was no going back. This would bring her senses, her self-esteem and her feeling of freedom back again. Just this simple color, this simple shade of red. Similar to the red brick buildings she had walked past a few moments ago. Small moments and small things should be cherished sometimes.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

And so the moment goes on...

there she was. With high heels on and her neck glimmering with diamonds. Like the world was at her feet and she couldn't permit people to stop smiling at her gorgeous face. Because she was worth the smiles, she was worth the love and admiration. So many lows, so many mountains she has had to climb... she has been through it all. But no one knows. They only see her expensive jewelry, her topnotch job and her unaffordable beauty. I only know because she told me and trusted me enough to keep it a secret. Which it isn't anymore. She shouldn't trust people in her surroundings, not in the lifestyle she is living.

The tea is still hot and I'm brainwashed to the point where nothing will enter my brain anymore. My flesh wound is almost fully healed and the towels are drying. This weekend is going to be full of surprises and I can't wait to start! First an exam, photoshoot and other small obligatory things to do... but now, sleep :D I salute you.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


She was never conscious during the entire sequence of life. She counted her steps, looked back at them and focused on the imprints in the dirt. The world looked differently today, tonight in the light of the lantern. It was like she was above everything; observing herself as an object, not belonging in the context it was in. Like those pictures that pop out of the paper. They don't completely belong to the whole, they're apart from it yet still together, completing the idea of pop-out art. The trees whistled in the wind and shivers covered her bare, goose-bump skinned arms. They slowly trickled down to her legs and she stiffened in an instant. Never at all belonging, though part of the whole. Stuck to the side of the earth, not being able to escape it all. She never realized it was just the depression taking control of her, slowly. Eating her up inside. She never saw it that way, she wasn't ever and would never be the type to suspect things like that to really exist. He observed her, "I wish she could see herself like I see her", he thought to himself carefully. At a distance. Never close enough to be noticed.