Thursday, 7 June 2012

And so the moment goes on...

there she was. With high heels on and her neck glimmering with diamonds. Like the world was at her feet and she couldn't permit people to stop smiling at her gorgeous face. Because she was worth the smiles, she was worth the love and admiration. So many lows, so many mountains she has had to climb... she has been through it all. But no one knows. They only see her expensive jewelry, her topnotch job and her unaffordable beauty. I only know because she told me and trusted me enough to keep it a secret. Which it isn't anymore. She shouldn't trust people in her surroundings, not in the lifestyle she is living.

The tea is still hot and I'm brainwashed to the point where nothing will enter my brain anymore. My flesh wound is almost fully healed and the towels are drying. This weekend is going to be full of surprises and I can't wait to start! First an exam, photoshoot and other small obligatory things to do... but now, sleep :D I salute you.

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