Thursday, 23 August 2012

So many things.

All these things happened and I haven't had the space in my head to organize everything into its own little hiding space. The things that happened were great things and take a special part in my life-list of experiences. Interrail was great. Berlin - Prague - Vienna - Budapest. What a trip and fuck all the scams we had in Budapest. But the parties in Berlin - WOW. No words left except 'amazing'. Can't wait to go back to Berlin and explore so much more :)

Love has hit me as well, and hit me hard. He never leaves my mind and has got me head over heels. Our love is possible even though the distance is making things hard for us. But we make it work, somehow.

I had the most exhausting and amazing week at my fraternity - all the talking and the intimate friendships we got out of it were worth the hard work. Great learning experience!

There's so many more things but for a last, I'm going to Marseille coming Sunday with my boyfriend :D Can't wait to finally actually be together like a real and normal couple.

Those were the highlights but I've been through so many more things that I'm thankful for and my dad is finally moving to Holland! Can't believe it's all finally happening.. maybe I'm taking a risk by saying this, but my life couldn't be better at the moment. I am truly happy with all the love and happiness I am surrounded by. Every piece has fallen in to place it seems.


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