Sunday, 27 November 2011

Today I started wondering why people actually use a 'heart-shaped symbol' when referring to 'love'. And it also got me wondering why this heart-shaped symbol refers to the organ of the heart, when this organ most definitely does not possess the same shape. Where did this connection between this organ and this word begin? Is it because a heart is what keeps us alive and we seem to find the emotion of love so important, we think we cannot live without it? Is it because of the effect love has on our hearts, it starts skipping beats and beating ten times faster the moment we see the one we love..? When you search it on the internet you will find reasons such as "The heart was thought to be the centre of emotions" or that it derives from "the shape made by swans' necks in a courting ritual, which resembles the heart shape". Who knows who's version resembles the truth and who knows if the use of the shape of a stylized heart truly has an authentic origin. I don't think any answer states clearly enough why, where, when and how. So in that case, I'll just keep using this perfectly simple but oh so meaningful heart shape when expressing my emotions, especially when expressing my love towards someone else.

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