Wednesday, 23 January 2013


So, as you all have noticed... the past few months haven't been very hippy-di-happy for me. But this is a good week for me. And I am trying to bring some changes to my life. Good changes. So starting in February I want to incorporate a fixed day to find out and explore new things. And *drum-ruffle* I have planned a day for evening events and one for events during daytime: THURSDAY EVENING & FRIDAY This is an experiment for me to see if I can do new and exhilarating things every week. Fluff my life up a bit with festivals, concerts, new stores, exhibitions, museums etc. So welcome to this new journey! I will put a blog post on this blog about where you can find my new blog about my newest adventures. These will be posted online every Friday evening (at the latest). I am exited. See you on the bright side of life :]

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