Monday, 13 February 2012

Contradictions in my mind.

Studying is something so useless, yet it forms your life to a point where it has meaning. The book lying in front of me debates the concepts of meaning and words representing the meaning of an object. Representation; this new course that belongs to the new semester that has just begun. Norman Bryson is this man who thinks he can legitimately state philosophical thoughts by using words no one really knows the meaning of. Even the book itself says it's not important to know these words. Actually I am laughing right now at how difficult people can be about such simple things sometimes. And deep inside I know that maybe this is the exact thing I find interesting. This is the exact thing I chose for, in the end Film and Literature are about representing things that aren't really there, or at least not now, in the time it is being conceived. I hate having to read these things but at the same time I love the complexity of it all.

It's weird. I know.

"Just at the point where the eye thinks it knows the form and can afford to skip, the image proves that in fact the eye had not understood at all what is was about to discard." -Norman Bryson

Nothing, just nothing. Useless and nothing, just all we need.

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