Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fold my old week and unfold a new one.

And so I started listening to new music and it made me wonder, wonder away into a world of more wonders to wonder about. Birdy is just a copy-cat with a nice voice. But technically cats can't have voices, they only miauw. So something is not really right there. James Vincent McMorrow is going to Lowlands. Which depresses me, because I can't go to Lowlands this year, for the first time in three years. And it would be the first time I wouldn't see this person at Lowlands, which would be different. Now I'm not going though, and apparently the person in question isn't either. Apparently it had the same urge as I did. The urge to start something new, get active. And now we're both going to do the same thing. Coincidences can be so surprising at times. I don't mind. Because this music I started listening today, and a few days before this day, has made me realize this is my time. I feel good. 1901 is a really nice song. It makes me feel new things inside. Gives me some sort of an epiphany. I have been way too cranky this past week for a person that lives such a wonderful life in such a magnificent world. I will sort out all the knots of the pretzel this week. Untie all the chaos in my head. Give new beginnings to loose ends.

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