Thursday, 16 February 2012


It's so strange how the universe can be just like a creature that swallows up other little creatures. Just like this picture. The smaller circled thingy is supposed to be the remnant of a former space galaxy. As goes that each larger galaxy eats up the smaller dwarf galaxies. I am merely repeating the facts another article has just fed my brain with, but still, I would like to share this with you. So actually, galaxies eat other galaxies. This means that they are just like cannibalistic people and just like fish that eat each other... so in turn a galaxy can be seen as a living organism. Which it is, in fact. It moves, rotates, consists of particles that affect other particles. And the distance at which these particles 'live' can be measured in years, which also apply to humans. This remnant, this dwarf galaxy, this remaining black hole is 200 million years old. The part where my brain cells get lost in a weird mumbo jumbo is HOW can people like us measure years? When this thing we're measuring is so beyond human, beyond imagination, beyond measurable. I still don't believe them.

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