Thursday, 17 May 2012

My new project.

Hi people :]

Recently, I read an article in a magazine about being happy. And tacky or emo as it may sound, there was a sparkle of truth in there. A died out sparkle it may be, because it's gloomy news. Apparently, lately I haven't been the only person in this small country that feels a bit less content about my life than before. So the article said, that for the people who haven't been walking on air lately -and by saying this I am not, to my own discontent, referring to a drugtrip- we should write down three things everyday. Three things that gave us a moment of bliss. So from this moment on, I will accept the challenge of writing down three things everyday, in order to make myself feel a little less emo and a little more hippie.

1. Today, the need to get out of bed wasn't that big. So, with a laptop on my lap, I chilled out in bed till 3 PM. This made me feel relaxed and gave me a careless feeling. Nothing was necessary, no stress, enjoying the simplicity of lying in bed. Including moments of staring at the wall, empty gazes with empty thoughts. Because I can.

2. Today was my niece's birthday. I enjoyed eating the great amount of food; meatballs, pasta, salads, bread with a├»oli, chicken drumsticks, ice-cream and strawberry cake. Another niece made a nice braid in my hair, the English translation of it is 'herringbone braid'. It's quite fascinating,  real piece of art.

3. As I was on my way back home, on my bike, from the station. Darkness engulfing me. In a great hurry, as I always am when I'm going home alone and it's dark out. As if my life would depend on it, concentrated on the road ahead. And in my frenzy of haste I looked to my right and noticed the beauty of the city of Leyden, surrounded by a blackened blanket of night sky. I slowed down my movement and enjoyed the scenery for a second or three. Totally consumed by the moment. Simple things can be so beautiful at random times.

This picture stands alone. Separated from the content of this post.

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