Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ok, so I haven't been completely true to the promise I made 6 days ago. But every night when I lay in bed I think of the things I appreciated that day, so that must count. The past few days were very sun, warm and pleasant. I love my house, my homies. There are 18 students in this house and they're all special to me. Student life isn't complete without a second family surrounding you.

Today, and the day isn't over yet, I enjoyed:
1. The sun. The warmth in my face, the freckles forming themselves on my shoulder.
2. The walk. I had a walk with a girl from my house. We walked and babbled for an hour. Passing by the river, I plucked a few flowers. White and yellow, colors of the summer. People sitting in their gardens, peacefully, at rest.
3. The freedom. Just drinking my wine with ice. Enjoying the subtle taste of sweet, white, wine. The music blasting out my speakers. The water in the garden. At peace and free to do what we want.

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