Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Can I have you back?

Can I have just a little piece of you. Maybe your ear? Or your lips? Or your chest? Your leg maybe? And then maybe your hair... god I love your hair. Can I have your eyes, make them look into mine. Make them see what I want them to see. Feel the love radiating away from me. Could I paint you that picture? Swush the brush across the paper and make you see me, again? For the third time. Is that possible? Could I paint your arms intertwined with mine, and make them stay. I want them to stay around me, where they should be. They never should've been intertwined with someone other's. Why can't you see that? Without me, you aren't complete, as neither I am without you. I want you to read my letter. Make you care for me. Like you do. You have to.

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