Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wazzup, whitey?

Okey, so I want to start a new subject. A subject that keeps on popping up everyday and it makes me wonder, why is it that hundreds of years after the Colonization and Slavery, people still feel the need to bring it up every time the word 'nigga' shows up? Of course, and I agree, a dark past hides behind that word. A past that should have never taken place for starters. But it's rather contradictory when rappers, specifically Negro's but also white ones, constantly address people with the term 'nigga' whilst they feel offended when someone else refers to them as 'nigga'. A friend of mine, partially Caribbean, keeps calling his friends 'nigga' and they do this back as well. He listens to rap music everyday, in which this word is repeatedly mentioned. Yet when I jokingly call him 'nigga' in a conversation, not even meant in a  serious manner, he is completely on his guard and tries to explain to me why this is so offensive. I KNOW why this word has an offensive connotation and I KNOW why white people aren't supposed to refer to black people as 'nigga's' because it is those white people that once mistreated slaves. I would however like to emphasize on one word: ONCE. This term means that somewhere in the past, something happened. Which does not lie in the present. 'Nigga' is now used in a casual urban speaking manner, and not at all meant offensive - ignoring those people who do mean it this way (e.g. redheads, KKK). Then how come, when I use this word in reference to someone else, do I get attacked with gruesome factual information? It is not like white people feel offended when they are being referred to as being 'white'. I have never heard someone call me 'light-skinned', just like I rarely call other people 'dark-skinned'. I would like to stop this war of segregation, this misunderstanding, between people from the 21st generation - adolescents who are not at all connected with the history of Slavery. And if this is too hard, let's start inserting the term 'whitey' as if it were a harsh and offensive word. Let's see how stupefied the 'nigga's' react to our being offended by this word.

Oh and by the way... 'Nigga' simply refers to 'Niger', the Latin word for 'black'. Just like 'whitey' refers to 'white'. So let's just not be offended by this word any longer, or just stop calling me a white person then!

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