Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lex is a nice person.

Yesterday I was at Melkweg, Amsterdam.
There was an afterparty of Skrillex' concert, which took place in the HMH.
The lines were long and busy. There was a car that was parked in the middle of the line and had the nutty idea to drive over the people standing in the line. It was just like all the other concert and festival feelings I had, all over again. The prices were absurd, I have never before in my life had to pay 1.50 to hang my coat somewhere. At first, it wasn't full at all. The people were moving silently, dancing awkwardly, from side to side, front to back. They didn't know that Skrillex was going to be there in an hour. It was amusing to watch people and how they dance. Annoying to see how people were kissing during the whole concert. Pretty Lights was nice, but it took too long. People got anxious and longed to see Skrillex. He is quite a small man, and since I was standing in the front line, I could barely see him. But the lights were nice, the beats were heavy and the sweat was omnipresent. The mosh pits were present, and it was funny how the sissy girls got mad when someone would push them. How ignorant they were. It was amazingly dreamy and wonderful to be in my own, dubstep world. Where no one could judge me or say I was acting strange. The camera was in my face an uncountable number of times. I didn't mind, although I probably looked like a small drowned kitten with run out mascara. The water bottle standing on the speakers was haunting me, it needed to trickle in my mouth but our distance became fatal to us. The crowd surfers failed multiple times and the smokers got caught and sent away. The small, blue pills... of which Char thought they were earplugs, were offered and swallowed. Astonishing me, because I will never feel the need to do that. I enjoyed the vibe, the aching ankles, the many layers of sweat on my arms.. the rash I got because of it. The million gallons of water that flowed down my mouth like the Hudson River. The moment of being with my friends again. The moment I was in my huge, comfy bed and fell asleep with a dreamy feeling. Music is my drug.

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